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Aimer's 5th single “RE:I AM EP” also ranked in the top 10

Aimer's (pronounced Emme) 5th single "RE:I AM EP" that was released on March 20th was 6th place on Oricon CD single ranking on the first week.

Aimer's unforgettable deep husky voice is bringing her more popularity as a female singer. Her first album "Sleepless Nights" that was release last year (2012) on October 3rd was ranked 5th on the first week, which is her highest rank in her career and became a long seller afterwards.

In such favorable circumstance, her newest single "RE:I AM EP" that placed 6th on the first week is getting attention since it is being used as the theme song for "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UNICORN" episode6 "Two Worlds, Two Tomorrows".

"RE:I AM EP" contains 3 original musical pieces, each song composed with different theme, "strongly", "gently" and "sadly". This is a condensed piece of work, rich in variations and also containing Aimer's outlook on the world as an artist.

As a commemoration to her release of "RE:I AM EP", there will be an internet live relay this weekend on the 23rd from 8 P.M. As a special guest Hiroyuki Sawano who furnished the new song "RE:I AM" will be participating as well.

New Single
Released March 20th 2013/03/26
[First production limited edition]CD+DVD
DFCL- 1985~6 1,500 yen (tax included)
DVD:「RE:I AM」Music Video
※16P Photo Booklet
※Stardust clear tray and event entry ticket included
DFCL-1987 1260 yen
※First limited lot includes stardust clear tray and event entry ticket
[Period production limited edition]MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UNICORN edition
DFCL-1988 1500 yen
※Specially drawn "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UNICORN" special package
※"MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UNICORN" jacket design special sticker
※First limited shipment includes event entry ticket.
4.RE:I AM (instrumental)
5.Hoshinokietayoruni (instrumental)

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