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Perfume's new song 'Magic of Love' will be featured on TV commercial of Kanro's 'Pure Gumi'.

Perfume's new song 'Magic of Love' is to be featured on the TV commercial of Kanro's 'Pure Gumi', called 'Pure Gumi , the taste of love 2013 spring version'.

Perfume 'Pure Gumi, the taste of love' 2013 spring version

Pure Gumi has been featuring perfume as their TV commercial character since their brand renewal in 2012. The new TV commercial will start airing from April 1st. Perfume expresses Pure Gumi's sour-sweet taste with in their song and dance.

The theme of the new TV commercial is 'Cast a spell of love with Pure Gumi'. When the members of Perfume eat Pure Gumi, suddenly the whole room will be under the magic spell. All the furniture including hats, a walking cane, a chair and books start making a couple and dance together with with Perfume.

Check out their 'Love-magic spell dance' in the TV commercial. The choreography in the beginning of the commercial represents eating motion and they had to eat Pure Gumi without looking at their hands. It was so hard that they had to try again and again until their movement is synchronized.

Also, director's uniqueness can be seen in the sequence where the furniture start floating in the air. This is shot by 3-G with several men in green color suits moving around the furniture.

'We want our fans to check out how we eat them. In the beginning of the commercial you can see 'Magic eating pose' and if you eat them in that manner, you will be under the magic spell. Also, in some scenes, each member will strike a different pose. Please check that out. I love the choreography and there are a lot of our favorite movements.' says a member of Perfume.

The TV commercial song 'Magic of Love' is scheduled to be released inside their 2013's second single in early summer.

-Perfume Official Site

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