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Team Shachihoko members assemble after finishing entrance exam war

Nagoya's Team Shachihoko held a free event for the first time in Kanto at Tressa Yokohama on March 24th. Approximately, 1,000 fans awaited the opening from early morning, and by the time of the opening at 12:30, the venue was packed with fans.

◆Team Shachihoko photo

Honoka Akimoto, who had to absent herself from the last event due to entrance examinations, was able to join this time around. 5 examinee members were able to finish their battle with exams, and for the first time in a while, all 6 members came together. 5 of the members who will go on to becoming high school students in April expressed their gratitude to their fans with a big smile. Witnessing the hardships of being an examinee through her fellow group members, Haruna Sakamoto, who will become an examinee in 2014, is already beginning to 'sweat'.

'I was able to gut it out thanks to all of your pressuring (lol) - Nao Sakura
'I brought all the charms you all gave me to all the exam places' -Honoka Akimoto
'I was able to feel all of you kindness by struggling through the exams' -Chiyuri Ito
'I may have made you all worry, but your letters gave me relief' -Yuzu Ando
'I had never studied harder in my life, but I was able to do so because you all cheered for me' -Yuzuki Ohguro

The members announced at the event that they will be releasing a video for the 2 tracks, 'Otome Juken Sensou' and 'The Stardust Bowling' on iTunes. The 2 tracks will be featured in the April 24th release DVD/Blu-ray, 'Hatsu One-man Live (Ketsu) ~Kimi eno Omoi Jikishosou'. After the event, Team Shachihoko's staff members Momotaro and Popo appeared on the Ustream program and talked about the live performance and announced the release of the DVD. As a result, after the broadcast of the program, 2 songs entered the TOP 10 list with 'Otome Juken Sensou' marking 4th place and 'The Stardust Bowling' marking 10th.

'Otome Juken Sensou' 'The Stardust Bowling'

-Team Shachihoko Free Event @ Tressa Yokohama, March 24th, 2013-
・The Stardust Bowling
・Pizza desu!
・Matsuwa ~DD Daikangei~
・Koibito wa Sniper
・Goburei! Shachihoko de Lax
・Otome Juken Sensou
・Triple Seven
・Mo Chotto Hashire!!

-Team Shachihoko 1st Anniversary Commemoration Event-
April 7th (Sun)
@Nagoya Castle

-Cheeky Parade's 'Idol Grand Prix'~Otona no Jijou Nante Fuhituyou!? Group Taikou Chojou Kessen!~'-
March 31st (Sun) (Vol. 2) OPEN 17:00 / START 17:30
@Shinjuku BLAZE
Starring: (Vol.2) Cheeky Parade, Team Shachihoko

-May 1st (Wed)
OPEN: 17:30 / START: 18:30
Tickets: All Standing (Advance sale \2,500 / At site \3,000) tax incl. / 1 drink not incl.
*Two ticket limit per person. (Official & Public sales)
Playguide public release: April 6th (Sat)
Ticket Pia (Tel) 0570-02-9999 P:196-932
Lawson Ticket (Tel) 0570-084-003 L:74410
(Tel) H.I.P. -3-3475-9999
-May 3rd (Wed)
OPEN: 16:00 / START: 17:00
Tickets: All Standing *Tickets SOLD OUT
(Tel) Sunday Folk Promotion 052-320-9100
-May 6th (Mon, National Holiday)
OPEN: 15:00 / START: 15:30
Tickets: Unreserved seats (Advance sale \5,000 / At site \5,500) tax incl.
*Two ticket limit per person. (Official & Public sales)
Playguide public release: April 6th (Sat)
Ticket Pia (Tel) 0570-02-9999 P:197-140
Lawson Ticket (Tel) 0570-084-005 L:55204
(Tel) Sound Creator 06-6357-4400

'Hatsu One-man Live (Ketsu) ~Kimi eno Omoi Jikishosou~'
DVD WPBL-90219 Price: \4,200 (tax incl.)
Blu-ray WPXL-90019 Price: \5,250 (tax incl.)
1. Otome Juken Sensou
2. Goburei! Shachihoko de Lax
3. Matsuwa ~DD Daikangei~
4. Itadaki Nippon! ~Omisore Shimashita Nagoyameshi~
5. The Stardust Bowling
6. Onegai! unBORDE
7. Mo Chotto Hashire!!
8. Koibito wa Sniper
9. Pizza Desu!
10. Triple Seven
11. Otome Juken Sensou
12. Dela Disco
Bonus Footage:
Hatsu One-man Live (Ura) ~Kagirinaku Toumei ni Chikai Shachihoko~ (Approx. 45 min.)

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