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Ami (Dream/E-girls) from Osaka Lands a Job as a Regular DJ on FM802 Called “Noz Beautiful Harmony” for the First Time.

Ami who is a member of Dream and also active with Girls Performance Project =E-girls was chosen as a regular DJ for a new show on FM802 called 'Noz Beautiful Harmony'.

'I'm so happy that my first regular show on radio is going to be local Oosaka, FM802!! It's my first time handling a radio show so I do feel uneasy but I'm looking forward to it!! I'd like the listeners to take interest in my show by introducing songs and fashion and so on!'-----Ami

Takuto Oonuki will be livening up the show with her. He will be djing a new show called 'on-air with TACTY IN THE MORNING' from April. He was also the DJ for the previous show called 'HIRO T'S MORNING JAM' which was the morning star wide show on FM802. for 14 and a half years.

Noz Beautiful Harmony
Broadcasting Dates:Every Saturday21:00~22:00 *April 6th Start
DJ:Ami(Dream/E-girls) / Takuto Oonuki
Contents:Weekday is over and expansive weekend is here. Girls who live a busy life love to use the line 'I'm going to reward myself'. This is a 60 minute show that will bring a little luxury for girls with information on fashion and music.

-Dream Official Site

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