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Ken Hirai is celebrating the 15th anniversary of [Ken's Bar] 'Please come to celebrate our 15th anniversary with us!'

Since 1998 Hirai Ken has been the producer of his own concept live shows, where the theme is his life work, titled [Ken's Bar]. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of [Ken's Bar] on May 29th and 30th he will be doing a back-to-back show, the first time in his career, at the NIPPON BUDOKAN. For the second show there will be a simultaneous live viewing in cinemas nationwide streaming the performances.

-Ken Hirai large pic

'[Ken's Bar] came about when I was trying figure out how to best express my voice, during the earlier years of my career. It is because of the support of my loyal fans that I have been able to dedicate my time to this life work and I am extremely grateful for that. I want to express my gratitude and happiness on stage by singing my heart out on stage. Please come to the show to celebrate the 15th anniversary with us!'

[Ken's Bar] started on May 29th 1998, at ONAIR Okubo PLUS (*now closed) with 50 people. On December 20th 2005 Ken Hirai performed at the Tokyo Dome and since then has performed at arenas that accommodates tens of thousands of people. In the past 15 years [Ken's Bar] has grown so much that his performances are usually sell out the day the tickets go on sale. At [Ken's Bar] you can drink at the bar and eat a meal while enjoying the show, which is very unique about his shows.

In the 15 years of performing at the [Ken's Bar] he has sung 81 of his original songs a total of 863 times and sang 161 cover songs a total of 510 times. This legacy of singing total of 1,373 songs is what separates Ken Hirai from other artists and depicts his passion of pursing the art of singing.

The show on May 29th the, the day of the 15th year anniversary, will be a chartered even only available for members of the 'Ken Hirai Fan Club', for the [NIPPON BUDOKAN Chartered Bar] even. On May 30th the show will be open to the public and available for a live viewing at theaters in Tokyo, Nagoya, Oosaka, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Sendai, and Hiroshima. It is difficult for most fans too hide their excitement since it is the first solo performance that Ken Hirai has done, since 2012 at the Yamanashi Aimesse, and people are curious as to which songs he will perform.

[Ken's Bar 15th Anniversary Special Vol.1]
2013/5/29 (Wed) & 5/30 (Thur) NIPPON BUDOKAN
Doors Open:17:30 Show Starts:19:00
Reserved Seats¥7,500円(tax included)[1 free drink]
[Inquries]H.I.P. 03-3475-9999
*May 29th (Wed)[Ken's Bar 15th Anniversary Kh(+) Members Special!]This show is only available for Ken Hirai's fan clumb members. Live streaming of the May 30th (Thur) show will be available at theatrues in seven cities nation wide.

[Ken Hirai's first live viewing!]
Available for live viewing at theatres nation wide including seven major cities. Tokyo・Nagoya・Oosaka・Sapporo・Fukuoka・Sendai・Hiroshima!
It's been made official that the live performance on May 30th (Thur) at the Nippon Budokan will be streamed at theatres nation wide. Details of the event will be announced on Ken Hirai's official website on Apirl 3rd(Wed)after 14:00. (The number of thearters streaming this even and the number of tickets are will be announced at this time.
*The live viewing is only available for the May 30th (Thur) performance.

-Ken Hirai official site

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