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[Concert Report] Nakamoto Suzuka from Sakura Gakuin completed all her credits. 'It's every one who helped me change.'

Sakura Gakuin threw a graduation event [The Road to Graduation Final-Sakura Gakuin 2012 Graduation] on March 31th at Tokyo International Forum Hall C. While they're watched by their parents(fans) , they saw off Student Association Chair-person Nakamoto Suzuka, who completed all her credits, and Mariri Sugimoto, who decided to leave after finishing Elementary credits.

-[The Road to Graduation Final Sakura Gakuin 2012]画像

Their home-room teacher Hayashi Mori came up on the stage. 'Let's call the roll' and the students ran onto the stage for the opening tune 'Mezase Super Lady' The song humorously introduces the students while they dance around the squared platform. The colorful sound and melody on 'Planet Episode 008' and 'VERISHUVI' were so gorgeous for the beginning of the show.

'OMG, this is Tokyo International Forum!' 'So Big!' the girl looked so amazed looking all the way up to the third floor of the audience, saying 'This is the closing performance for our 2012. We practiced hard to show what we learned this year. So please support us!'. They also showed a video of mingle-meeting with new students, 'TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2012] and other events and school festivals.

Then some school activities (Idol Units) came up onto the stage. 'Sleepiece' by a no-activity club, 'Miracle♪Patiful♪Hamburger' a cooking club and 'Science girl ▽ Silence boy' and 'Yume Toku Riron' by Science club followed. Heavy Sound club performed 'Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!' and Tennis Club called 'Pastel Wind' came onto the stage through the audience. And Marina Horiuchi showed up late saying 'Sorry I'm in too many clubs to be in any of them!' brought a big laugh from the audience. But then she performed 'Score Board ni love ga Aru' showing off her dance steps.

The screen at the back of the stage showed Suzuka's history videos leading the set to 'Sakura Iro no Avenue'. Her vocal performance wowed the audience and then all the other students came up onto the stage. 'WONDERFUL JOURNEY' died the stage in cherry blossom color. 'The new song' 'Sleep Wonder' featured a narrative lines by all the members and when Hana Taguchi said 'I'm playing a snobby character and my fellow members hate me for that!' another big laugh from the audience followed.

At the climax of the stage, Suzuka said ' I would like to perform three songs of my choice, which I asked my teacher to let me sing. Because I don't have many chances left to sing with them.' then she sang 'School days' 'FRIENDS' Yume ni Mukatte'

The stage turned from a performance to a graduation ceremony with solemn music. The principal Mitsuru Kuramoto handed a graduation certificate to Rinon Isono, Saki Oga, and Mariri Sugimoto, who completed elementary program,and to Suzuka Nakamoto, who completed all the program. 'We will support you from the bottom of our heart as a member. Thank you, Suzuka' said Vice Chair of Student Association, Marina Horiuchi. Then Suzuka replied. 'With me as the chair-person of student association, you might have felt worried but many fans said I would be fine and members trusted and followed me. It's all because you I get to graduate today' And made comment on all the tear-fool students. 'Some say I won't fell lonely because I'm joining BABYMETAL. But Sakura Gakuin is very special to me' holding her tears, Suzuka said.She finished the stage singing 'Tabidachi no Hini' and hergraduation single 'My Graduation Toss'. After receiving he artful messages from the members, 'I got to graduate because you were there. It's all of you who helped me change. Thank you so much for supporting Sakura Gakuin' Bowing her head so deep along with other members. The ceremony was filled with warm applause from fans and they saw the graduating students off the stage.

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