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Public opening of MV for Kazuyoshi Saito's 20th anniversary release vol. 1, 'One More Time'.

Saito will be celebrating his 20th anniversary since his debut this year in 2013. The music video for his first 20th anniversary release, 'One More Time' (release on April 17th), which has been chosen to be the theme song for anime movie, 'Meitantei Conan Zekkai no Private Eye', saw its public opening.

Multi-creator, Kensaku Kakimoto, who has worked with numerous movies, music videos, and TV commercials, directed the video. He is also known for being a photographer and an art director. The video features colorful design to accompany the upbeat rock tune, which gives it a deep, poppy feel to it.

Furthermore, the single was exclusively released in advance as Chaku Uta Full ® from (mobile/smartphone) on April 1st.

-Kazuyoshi Saito Official Website

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