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Leo Ieiri's new single, 'Message': artwork photo taken day after high school graduation

Ieiri's new single, 'Message' will be inserted as the theme song for the TBS Monday mystery drama, 'Kakushou ~ Keishichou Sousa 3ka' (Mondays 20:00~), which will start on April 15th. Preview video and artwork for the May 22nd release, new single, 'Message' was revealed.

3 versions of the artwork were revealed; all photos were taken a day after her high school graduation. The song was written with the message to 'walk together towards a bright tomorrow'. In comparison to the artworks of her 3 previous single releases, the artworks for the new single all portray Ieiri with a heat-warming smile in alignment with the theme of the song.

The limited first press edition A of the single comes with a DVD with the music video and a 'making of' footage of 'Message'. The limited first press edition B features a digest version of her March 17th live performance at Akasaka BLITZ from her '1st One-man tour ~LEO~'. The 3 versions of the press each include live performance takes of different songs. The standard edition includes 2 live tracks, making it a 6 track CD.

Furthermore, it was announced that Ieiri would be performing at this year's summer music festival in Hokkaido. She will perform for the first time with a full band at 'JOIN ALIVE 2013'. This year will be the 4th event for the festival that started in 2010. It will be held at 'Iwamizawa Park' (Kitaon Open-air Music Hall & Hokkaido Greenland Amusement Park). The event will be held for 4 days within 2 weeks, and Ieiri is scheduled to perform on its first day on July 20th.

-Leo Ieiri Official Website

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