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An all 19 year old blues rock band 'Drop's' has finished their tour and has announced that they have signed with a rock label from King Records

The all 19 year old blues rock band 'Drop's', from Sapporo, finished their 2nd mini album campaign tour 'LOOKING FOR' on April 5th at Sapporo Spiritual Lounge, in their home town. Drop's announced the release from their new rock label 'STANDING THERE ,ROCKS.'

The tour that started on March 21st in Sendai, [Drop's TOUR 2013 ' LOOKING FOR'] performed at 8 cities north of Kobe. Exploding away from the super cold winter of Sapporo, the 19 year old girls generation real rock band, intertwined with the unusual Sakura performed eloquently from east to west.

The bands first album's theme was 'if you abandoned everything/you can go anywhere,' 'we are going to search for something now,' and was looking towards the future. The title of the album 'LOOKING FOR' is in a present progressive form and shows that the band's journey will continue. However, the new journey they are on, starting with this announcement, depicts the growth that each of the members had gone through. The band members said, 'we want to grow and this is our first big step towards our goal.'

As this announcement will be an instigator for the bands passion and vision for the future, they have also announced that they will do a huge renewal of their official site.

Photo by Yuki Shimbo

Trippin' Elephant Records / Kamuy Record
2nd Mini Album [LOOKING FOR]
2013.3.6 on sale
TERNG-098 / KMY-010 ¥1,500(tax in)
01.Kudaranai blues
03.Night Maze
04.Midnight Timebomb
05.Black Shirt
06.Akai hana
Trippin' Elephant Records / Kamuy Record

[LIVE] Apirl 28th (Sun) 'Niigata Rainbow ROCK Market 2013'
[問]Kyodo Hokuriku Ticket Center 025-245-5100 *Venue will be announced later

-Drop's official site

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