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[Kawaii girl Japan/ Live Report] Reporting from the live in Kanon Wakeshima “PINOCCHIO with FREE FALL” on 2013.3.23 at STAR PINE’S CAFE.

Kanon Wakeshima distinctive from others portrays her original world as a cello-playing singer. A one-man show called 'PINOCCHIO with FREE FALL' was performed on March 22nd, 23rd 2013. This time we will deliver the report 'FREE FALL edition' of March 23rd.

-Photo Kanon Wakeshima-

On the stage, a piano, a guitar, a base, a drum and a cello was standing by. Kanon's costume was black apron style lame skirt with see-through blouses. Her hair was bounded up to one by a cat ear like red ribbon scrunchy. A little sexy but cute. Designed by Kanon herself imaging Figaro from PINOCCHIO. On the stage, there is a stuffed animal wearing Kanon's costume from yesterday (miniature ver.) and a Russian doll displayed.

Live started with soft piano tones of 'PINOCCHIO with FREE FALL (one chorus ver.)'.
'I hope you all enjoy to the end. Here I go!' with that she starts singing to 'Heibon na Boku' with Jazz rhythm. She continues to sing 'I wanna be Loved by you' covered by Marilyn Monroe with sexy Kanon style.
'Good evening everyone, I'm Kanon Wakeshima. How are you? Yesterday's classic arranged PINOCCHIO ver. was elegant but today is going to be rhythmical FREE FALL ver. Please go easy on me if I say same thing as I did emceeing yesterday. Occasionally care about me. This live will consist of songs that has not been released and I hope you can feel 'like' or 'fun'. There is no 'like' button here so if you could let me know with your applaud and cheers, I'd appreciate it' was her soft and lovely opening greet.

From here, up-tempo numbers continue where the fans and Kanon beat time with their hands. When the song 'The Doll House!' of 'The strange treat!' by kanon×kanon was played, she was the feeling the rhythm using the cello stick like a conductor.
'I think I'll move on to some relaxed songs now. Oh, my mistake! I had one more fun song! Let's do it!', she changed this happening into a laughter with Kanon style performing the song 'Renai no Susume' from kanon×kanon.
As mentioned previously, she performs relaxing 'Nightingale' and 'still doll'. When singing, 'Ai no Aisatsu', with the lyrics 'Walk looking up if your eye line is low', she looked after the second floor.

She talked happily about some ideas for the next live. 'I want to have a live where the audience is the hero. Make T-shirts that says sleepover party or staying up late and put a bed in the middle of the stage and jump on it'.

It started from familiar rhythm 'Kuroneko to Pianist no Tango'. 'Does everyone remember the cat cry? Make sure you do it!' With this cute encouragement, the fans respond 'Nyao!'
With intense but relaxed voice, she sang 'Mujyuryoku' by putting her hand over the Russian doll Theremin.

Here, Kanon talks about her frame of mind of 'PINNOCHIO with FREE FALL'.

'Why isn't there a word that describes the feeling where you are very depressed and you are walking on air unsteadily, when everyone has this feeling? I was looking for a metaphor and found the phrase 'Free fall'. It keeps falling according to the earth's gravity but does not finish the fall because of centrifugal force and keeps floating in the space. I thought this is very similar to our mind. But I wanted to write a song where something important to you or something you love or even gravity are pulled back to one's heart. When I ask myself what I want to sing about, I realized my song means nothing to unnecessary people and my songs are not essential to life. But I do want to sing for those who are in need. In the lyrics (PINNOCHIO with FREE FALL) there is a phrase, 'words are like magic'. After the live, I receive letters saying 'I listen to your songs' which are just simple words and letters but I think they are so beautiful to me and I wanted to include this in the lyrics.' with tears in her eyes she mentioned.
The last song 'PINNOCHIO with FREE FALL' was sang with all her feelings and at the end, she bowed to the audience and left the stage.

For encore, she sang 'Foul play ni Kurari' and 'Sakurameikyu' in band version, which were release in November 2012.
'You know where to sing right? If you don't ask someone!' with this she got down on the audience floor and sang the last number 'Princess Charleston' as she gave high fives to the fans.

It was a fantastic at home live where Kanon's thoughts and desires were all stuffed in. It may come slowly at her own pace but let's look forward to the new Kanon's world.

01.PINNOCHIO with FREE FALL(1chorus)
03.Heibon na Boku
04.I wanna be Loved by you
05.Mermaid Sky
06.The strange treat!
07.The Doll House
08.Renai no Susume
10.still doll
12.Ai no Aisatsu
13.Kuroneko no Pianist no Tango
EN01.Foul play ni Kurari
EN03.Princess Charleston

Release on 11.7.2012 Single[Foul play ni Kurari/ Sakurameikyu]
〈1st Limited Edition〉
1000344852 ¥1,890
〈Regular Edition〉 1000344853 ¥1,260円

-Kanon Wakeshima Official website

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