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Morning Musume。's Reina Tanaka will release hand-drawn comic book series, 'Tanaka Mesen'

During the live concert on May 21st, 2013, Reina Tanaka announced her graduation from Morning Musume。. Since then, she has been a member of the girls' band, LoVendoЯ. Her 'hand-drawn' cartoon series that she has been doing on CD & DL Data magazine since 2006 is scheduled to be compiled and released as the book, 'Tanaka Mesen'.

◆'Tanaka Mesen' ~First Episode Picture~

'Tanaka Mesen' is a cute diary-taste series drawn by Tanaka. For this release, all 73 episodes will be included along with previously unrevealed pitures, newly taken pictures that she shot especially for this, and a long interview.

She has worked with this series for the majority of her time at Morning Musume。.It is a treat for us fans to get a way of looking back at her history through her own works.

-Book Information-
'Tanaka Mesen'
Release date: (scheduled) May 22nd, 2013
Price: ¥2,500 (tax incl.)
Publisher: Enterbrain Inc.
Sale: Kadokawa Group Publishing Inc.
Modified A4 / approximately 120 pages
Advanced reservation special privilege: Original photo post card

◆'Tanaka Mesen' Reservation Page
◆Morning Musume。Official Website
◆LoVendoЯ Official Website

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