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Chris Hart, who sings the heart of the Japanese, makes his debut. Fans rush to free live concert

The genius soul-singer, Chris Hart, who has won in Nippon TV's, 'Nodojiman The! World', a singing competition show that aims to find the best foreign singer who sings Japanese songs. He has been on the show numerous times, but every time that he makes an appearance, viewers say, 'it gave me goose bumps', or 'I was so moved, that it brought me to tears'. On April 6th, it was announced on the show that Hart will be making his CD debut.

-Chris Hart Picture

The 28 year-old Chris Hart was born in San Francisco Bay Area. He began training in classical music from a young age and learned the oboe, clarinet, sax, and the flute. At age 12, he began studying Japanese at his junior high school. Little by little, he became interested in Japan and began watching Japanese music programs on cable TV. He saw many big artists such as Kazumasa Oda, Hideaki Tokunaga, and ZARD, and was heavily influenced by them.

When Hart was 13, he home-stayed in Japan for just 2 weeks; however, during that time, he was touched by the politeness and kindness of the Japanese and became homesick after returning. He was surged with the feeling of 'going back to Japan'. He formed a rock band with a Japanese where he sang in Japanese. At the age of 24, he moved Japan and began living there.

On April 7th, he held a debut commemoration free live concert at Diver City Tokyo in Odaiba. 1,000 fans rushed to celebrate his debut.

For the 1st song, he sang Naotaro Moriyama's 'Sakura (Dokushou)', the song that gave him the highest score on the program. After that, he covered several classic songs including Kazumasa Oda's 'Tashikana Koto' and Kiroro's 'Mirai e' and revealed his 1st original song 'I LOVE YOU'. At the end, he thanked his fans for all the support that got him to where he is now and sang Yusaku Kiyama's hit song, 'home', his debut song. He put on a virtuosic vocal performance that brought many fans to tears.

Experience the heart-warming voice of Chris Hart with his debut single, 'home', scheduled to be released on May 1st.

Debut Single 'Home'
May 1st, 2013 release
1. home (Song & Lyrics: Kunio Tago)
2. Tashikana Koto (Song & Lyrics: Kazumasa Oda)
3. Tabidatsu Hi (Song: Yoshimasa Inoue Lyrics: Yasushi Akimoto)

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