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Nicholas Edwards makes his debut in Japan

From J-POP, J-ROCK, and Visual-Kei to the Kawaii culture, the Japanese music scene is becoming more and more popular worldwide. Nowadays, it is not only the Japanese artists who fly abroad. Many foreign artists dream of making it in the Japanese music scene and flies to Japan. Scott & Rivers, and Chris Hart who will make his debut in May are just examples of such artists.

-Nicholas Edwards Picture

Nicholas Edwards is now in line to make his debut in Japan. Since June 25th, 2011, he has appeared on the TV show, 'Nodojiman The! World' as the blue-eyed J-POP singer from Oregon. He has appeared on the show a total of 7 times, and became the champion on the 2nd and 5th competitions. He was also casted as main role for the film, 'Hinomaru ♪ Dream', which was a comical movie based on his life. The film was premiered at the 4th Okinawa Movie Festival last year, and began running nationally on March 9th, 2013. He is gaining fame by the day now.

The dream of becoming a singer in Japan, a dream that was highlighted in the film, is finally coming to fruition.

It all began on October 7th, 2012, at 'Nodojiman The! World' 5th competition. The runner-up of the competition, Chris Hart sang the song, 'HOME' by Yuusaku Kiyama, which caught many people's attention. As a result, the song placed 1st on the iTunes song chart the next day and climbed to the top of the chart in various rankings. It was a strange situation in which a song from several years ago suddenly climbed to the top of the charts, and Kiyama himself had no idea why.

Chris Edwards is the 20 year-old who beat Chris Hart in the finals.

Nicholas became interested in Japan in the summer of 2008, when he studied abroad in Japan for 3 months. He decided to become an entertainer in Japan. In September 2010, he came back to Japan with the aim to get an interpreter degree. He began to attend a Japanese language school, and passed the 1st level Japanese language examination. Through the TV show, he quickly gained popularity as the world's best singer of Japanese songs. As a result, he landed on a main role in a film and a debut as singer in the summer.

His major debut will be on July 31st, 2013, his 21st birthday.

'I came to Japan 3 years ago with an uncompromisable dream. Through many people's support, I was able to fulfill the first step of my dream: my major debut. I'm determined to reciprocate to everyone who supported me by continuing to chase my dream, and show everyone the power of dreams. 'I'd appreciate your future support of 'singer, Nicholas Edwards'. –Nicholas Edwards

Nicholas' favorite Japanese word is 'Sen / Hirameki'.

-Nicholas Edwards Official Website

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