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Team Syachihoko announces release of 'advanced release in Japan', major debut single at 1 year anniversary event

Team Syachihoko, who made their street debut on April 7th, 2012, held their 1st anniversary event back at Nagoya Castle where it all began.

-Team Syachihoko Picture

The day of the event was predicted to have terrible weather due to the very low atmospheric pressure coming in, but contrary to expectations, the day saw some sunshine from time to time. 1,500 fans, more than 5 times the number a year ago, showed up at the event.

CBS announcer, Ayumi Nagaoka came to the event and announced, 'on June 19th, Team Syachihoko will be releasing their major debut single in Japan in advance'. It has been 8 months since their major debut in Nagoya on October 31st, 2012, with the release of 'The Stardust Bowling'. The label unBORDE has internationally successful artists such as RIP SLYME and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. We are not for certain whether Team Syachihoko envisions to follow these artists' footsteps, but nonetheless, they will be releasing an 'advanced release in Japan' single in June.

The song 'Samaraba' (tentative title), which will probably be included in the new single, was performed for the first time that day. The majority of the song features male vocals, an unusual style for an idol song. In regards to that, Chiyuri Ito revealed that the song will feature a surprising collaboration with Hiroaki TOMMY Tominaga, the singer for the song, 'Jojo ~Sono Chi no Sadame~', the theme song for the TV anime, 'Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken'.

Yuzu Ando, who promised to 'try not cry this year', could not hold back her tears at the 1st anniversary event. Honoka Akimoto declared with a smile on her face, 'I may be able to show you some wicked dance moves this 2nd year. I'm going to practice really hard on my dance skills, so please look forward to that!'.

The 1st anniversary came to a successful close as the members revealed that they will be holding a free event on April 21st at Airport Walk Nagoya. Their 2nd year kicked-off with their May 3rd, ZEPP NAGOYA concert ahead of them.

-April 7th Nagoya Castle Ninomaru Hiroba Set List-
1. Koibito wa Sniper
2. Goburei! Syachihoko Deluxe
3. Pizza Desu!
4. Itadaki Nippon ~Omisore Shimashita Nagoyameshi
5. Samaraba
6. Otome Juken Sensou
7. Triple Seven

Advance Japan Release Major Debut Single
[Title not yet announced]
June 19th, 2013 (Wed) release
Retail price: ¥1,200

-Event Information-
April 21st (Sun) Airport Walk Nagoya
*Details will be announced soon

'World Premium Japan Tour 2013 ~Mikiri Hassha wa Mitsu no Aji~'

•May 1st (Wed) ZEPP TOKYO
OPEN 17:30 / START 18:30
•May 3rd (Fri) ZEPP NAGOYA
OPEN 16:00 / START 17:00
•May 6th (Mon, National Holiday) HEP OSAKA
OPEN 15:00 / START 15:30

Live Concert DVD 'Hatsu One-Man Live (Ketsu) ~Kimi e no Omoi Jikishousou~'
[DVD] WPBL-90219 Price: ¥4,200 (tax incl.)
[Blu-ray] WPXL-90019 Price: ¥5,250 (tax incl.)
1. Otome Juken Sensou
2. Goburei! Syachihoko Deluxe
3. Matsuwa ~DD Daikangei!~
4. Itadaki Nippon! ~Omisore Shimashita Nagoyameshi~
5. The Stardust Bowling
6. Onegai! unBORDE
7. Mou Chotto Hashire!!!
8. Koibito wa Sniper
9. Pizza Desu
10. Triple Seven
11. Otome Juken Sensou
12. De La Disco
[Special footage]
Hatsu One-man Live (Ura) ~Kagirinaku Toumei ni Chikai Syachihoko~ (approx. 45 min)

Limited Concert Hall Single 'Otome Juken Sensou Another War'
WPCL-11462 ¥1,000 (tax incl.)
Sales begin at concert hall on April 7th (8,888 limited number)
1. Otome Juken Sensou Another War
2. Otome Juken Sensou The LASTTRAK remix with shout out to soucuts
3. Otome Juken Sensou Another War off vocal
4. Otome Juken Sensou The LASTTRAK remix with shout out to soucuts off vocal

Ustream program, 'Syachihoko TV' by Team Syachihoko staff

-Team Syachihoko Official Website

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