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Dancing Haruomi Hosono, New MV is an amazing 'Hosono Style' Dance Track

The video 'The House of Blue Lights' was disclosed from Haruomi Hosono's new album 'Heavenly Music' (May 22nd release). Haruomi Hosono has been leading scenes of techno, ambient, electronica in many solo productions of songs through YMO and SKETCH SHOW. This piece is Haruomi Hosono's latest style dance track.. In the video, Hosono himself shows off the 2013 up to date steps.

--Haruomi Hosono Photos (Art Tadanori Yokoo)、Dancing Haruomi Hosono[The House of Blue Lights] Video

The album 'Heavenly Music' includes famous music Haruomi Hosono has been playing at his recent lives such as 'Radio Activity' by Kraftwerk, 'When I Paint My Masterpiece' by Bob Dylan and 'Close to You' by Carpenters. He mainly chose famous pieces that have been sung timelessly left by deceased composers carefully completing the album.

At recording, Hosono's live set's supporting members Miharu Koshi, Ren Takada, Wataru Iga, Daichi Ito (SAKEROCK) participated. As guests, Ann Sally, Kishida (Kururi), Ryuichi Sakamoto, Salyu and Minako Yoshida also participated.

Three albums including 'Heavenly Music' where Hosono produced after facing himself as a vocalist when entering 21st century, will be pressed as limited analogue discs since there were many requests from the fans. HARRY HOSONO & THE WORLD SHYNESS 'FLYING SAUCER 1947' and 'HoSoNoVa' 'Heavenly Music' will all go on sale on May 22nd.

Toru Kotetsu who is called 'The god of mastering' or 'The father of mastering' supervised and did the sound cutting for the analogue discs. This is a must have item for all the music fans.

Art Tadanori Yokoo

Art Tadanori Yokoo
-Haruomi Hosono Official Site

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