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BABYMETAL Newly Announces Explosive Metal Band Style 'Training' Live Tour

The metal dance unit BABYMETAL announced that they'd be performing an all live band performance tour in May at Osaka BIGCAT and Tokyo Zepp DiverCity. They also announced their new single being released in June. A special movie is also streaming on their official YouTube Channel.

- BABYMETAL ~Images Enlarged~

BABYMETAL has been performing as a limited edition unit and as a Sakura Gakuen club unit. However, after vocalist SU-METAL graduated from the group, they independently established themselves as an official group. Tickets sold out immediately as they announced their June 30th concert [LEGEND '1999' YUIMETAL & MOAMETAL Seitansai] at the NHK Hall where they will be performing as the 'new' BABYMETAL. They will also be performing at the outdoor festival [METROK 2013] that will be held on May 26th.

In the midst of all this, they have announced the dates for their tour [BABYMETAL DEATH MATCH TOUR 2013 – May Revolution]. Advanced tickets will start going on sale on their official website starting April 1st.

The concert will be held on Friday, May 10th at Osaka BIG CAT, and Friday & Saturday May 17& 18 at Tokyo Zepp DiverCity. This tour will be held in preparation for their concert being held at the NHK Hall in June, and will have the first-ever performance of a live band known as 'the God of metal' performing at all their concerts with no MC or gimmicks in between. They will be aiming for a powerful performance that will defy their own limit by having a non-stop performance only live concert.

They have also announced their release for their new single in June.

-BABYMETAL Official Webpage
-Toy's Factory
-Official YouTube Channel

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