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[Kawaii girl Japan] Silent Siren Tour SHIBUYA-AX Final Stage Tickets Sold-Out!

On Friday, April 12th, Silent Siren aka 'Sai Sai' who are also active as amateur models had an event at the Fountain Square in Ikebukuro Sunshine City to celebrate the releasing of their first full album 'Start→'. The event took place at 4pm and 6pm and they had 1500 fans, mostly junior high and high school girls, attend the event showing how popular they are amongst teenage girls.

-Silent Siren Image

At the end of this mini live performance, the members from Silent Siren announced to their fans that the final stage taking place in SHIBUYA-AX for their 'Silent Siren Live Tour 2013 ~Maki Okose! Sai Sai Cyclone ♪ Pink No Hana Saku Sai Sai Tour - Start→?~' sold-out. As the crowd broke out in cheer, tears filled leader Hinanchu's eyes as she thanked the fans and asked for their continuing support.

Vocalist Su described their future goal to perform at the Japan Budokan as they accomplished having a sold-out show at SHIBUYA-AX only after debuting 6 months ago.

Silent Siren will hold an event at Ario Kawaguchi on April 13th and at LaLaport Shin-Misato on April 14th. They are planning a meet and greet for those who purchase their new album 'Start→'. This will be a great opportunity to see them in person. Please look at their official website for details.

-Kawaii girl Japan
-Silent Siren Official Website

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