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Sendai Kamotsu, sudden transfer to avex

Everybody's Chiba-san came to Avex!

On April 19th, Igaguri Chiba, who's older brother YOMI is the vocalist for Nightmare, announced urgently on their official website that the mysterious hauler group, Sendai Kamotsu has transferred their record company from UNIVERSAL J to avex. Moreover, they announced that they will be releasing their best album 'Suke Best' in July.

To introduce them once again, Sendai Kamotsu is a six-man group with Igaguri Chiba, Full Face, Satty, Won Chengcheng, Giga Flare and KURIHARA where they all wear red overalls as their trademark. The band is their second business and their main occupation is haulers working as regular employees.

Their music incorporates a range of genres including Punk Rock, Metal, Ska, Samba, Country, Enka singing in Miyagi dialect. Their intense exterior and extreme performances made them a unique existence grabbing many fans' hearts. In 2009, the express company where they mainly work at, went out of business due to the recession. They had to unavoidably take a hiatus but they brilliantly succeeded in pulling themselves together and make a fresh start at Universal J... at least that was the plan. According to their official website, '... there were some problems,' and the contract was broken off. Again, Sendai Kamotsu was thrown out onto the streets with no place to go.

So Chiba-san resorted to a desperate plan. 'I begged my brother (Nightmare/YOMI) in tears to let us in to avex.' Using his brother's connection, he was introduced to a person at a high position at avex and with his jaunty special dogeza (bow down on the floor) move, they miraculously revived themselves by transferring to avex and released their best album.

On their official website, the article in regards to their label transfer writes, ''G-nation' will be created with the powerful collaboration between Sendai Kamotsu and avex. We are on the move to bring smiles all over Japan! On sale July 2013, 'Suke Best', the 1st release after transferring labels! Details will be released later!' in a profound meaning yet message filled with expectations. After the release of their best album, they will be expecting to have many live performances.

- Sendai Kamotsu Official Website

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