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AAA Starting Their 41 Venue National Tour With 150,000 Fans Planning To Attend

AAA's started their national tour 'AAA TOUR 2013 [Eighth Wonder]' from Hachioji Olympus Hall on April 20th. This is their 8th year since debuting and this year and will be breaking their own record by having a 41 venue national tour with approximately 150,000 fans planning to attend.

As the concert began, they performed in front 1,800 fans with unpublished new songs and songs that were released after their last tour. They also performed songs where the members split into pairs. In addition, their performance was filled with excitement that had the crowd cheering in awe.

When they played their new single 'PARTY IT UP', which was released in March, the crowd cheered as if they were waiting to hear this piece. As they interweaved hit songs along with past songs, the group that welcomed their 8th anniversary and yet has a average age of 26 years old within the group, charmed the audience by showing off their matured selves.

During the MC session, they talked about taking sticker pictures with all 7 members and Uno and Ito's girls-only gathering showing how they all get along very well. They brought an at-home atmosphere that comes out of a coed group and soothed the audience.

From this tour, they conducted an event where fans could participate called 'Aitakattara Wonder Performance'. At the event, AAA chose a song title randomly collected from the audience before the show. After that, they chose 3 groups of people from the audience to perform the specified songs in front of AAA. The presenter for this event is from the comedic group X-GUN who are also friends with AAA, Hidetaka Nishio, a.k.a. 'Bu-de'. For their first event, Nishio's partner Masahiro Sagane also attended the show, and they had the audience performers perform in front of AAA and X-GUN. You can also watch these events on AAA's official YouTube channel.

AAA will be running around Japan during 2013 with this tour, unrolling these kind of fan participating projects. Their final performance will be at Makomanai Sekisui House Ice Arena in Hokkaido on October 19th. We also should look forward to the release of the unpublished song that they played during the tour.

-AAA Official Website

-AAA Official Website

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