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Maaya Sakamoto Live Tour and 'One song per person show' completed

Maaya Sakamoto's Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka tour [Maaya Sakamoto LIVE TOUR2013'Roots of SSW'] ended at Tokyo Bunkamura Orchard Hall on April 25th. This tour followed the release of her 8th album 'Singer-songwriter' released on March 27th, 2013. This album ranked 6th in the Oricon Weekly Chart for the first week after the release.

-Maaya Sakamoto Photo

On the final day of the tour, she sang 24 songs from the album 'Singer-songwriter' and included songs that told her long journey to become the person that she is now.

Also, another thing about the release is that only one person could win the ticket to 'One song per person show'. She sang only one song after the show with the winner left in the concert hall alone. Out of 10,000 applicants, only one winner from each venue could be chosen randomly and received the opportunity to enjoy the performance all by him/herself.

This rewarding show was a very simple piano and vocal style. Sakamoto went down to where the winner was to take a picture with the them and played 'Chikai'. A guitar-pick she used for the show was presented to the winner, making the event even more special.

Maaya Sakamoto, after her New Year Countdown Live (national tour 'Mitsubachi' final), she performed in the encore show for the musical 'Daddy Long Legs'. She released her album 'Singer-songwriter' in March and went on to her tour 'Maaya Sakamoto LIVE TOUR 2013 Root of SSW'. In the meantime she was awarded 'Kazuo Kikuta' award for playing Jerusha Abbott in 'Daddy Long Legs'.

It has been announced that she is making a new record where Taeko Onuki composed and wrote the lyrics.

8th Album Singer-songwriter
March 27th 2013
First Limited Edition:CD/DVD VTZL-60 \3,570 JPY (tax in)
Regular Edition:CD VTCL-60340 \2,940 JPY(tax in)
3.everywhere~HAL mix
8.Chikai~ssw edition
9.Bokuno Hanbun
1.recording Documentary'Road to SSW'
2.'Nicola'MUSIC CLIP

[Maaya Sakamoto COUNTDOWN LIVE 2012→2013 -TOUR'Mitsubachi'FINAL~]
2013 June 12th
Blu-ray \7,140 JPY (tax in)
DVD \6,090 JPY(tax in)
*27 songs included
*5.1ch&2ch included

-Maaya Sakamoto Official Website

--Maaya Sakamoto Official Website

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