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MUCC, recruiting for new members? Big chance to 'become MUCC' by collecting 15 years anniversary sticker

The details on the campaign of the '15 year anniversary stickers' affixed on CD, DVD and goods that are sold during this 15 year anniversary period since formation of MUCC, was finally released. These stickers were affixed on items mysteriously not knowing what they were for but it turned out to be an amazing application project to conclude the 15 years anniversary.

The special prize for the application project is that two prizewinners will have 'the rights to become members of MUCC'. Not only will you become the member of MUCC effortlessly, skipping the 15 years of time the members put in, they will give you stage names, you will be very busy as a member of MUCC participating in recordings, photo shoots and interviews. Moreover, there will be A prize which is MUCC original ramen bowel set for 69 people and B prize is member designed metal badge for 1000 people.

At all times, MUCC like to surprise the fans. Last time as a commemoration to the release of the DVD, the prize of quiz project was that the winner got to join the real 'closing party' at an izakaya (Japanese style bar). This is an extreme feast project with unexpected chance to become a member of the group. Here is a precious chance for you to experience something you normally can't. Make sure you rapidly apply for the campaign!

From April 27th (Sat), tickets for the performance [MUCC Tour 2013 'Shangri-La' Ura Final] that will take place at Okinawa Namura Hall on June 7th will go on sale. This album tour was once concluded at NHK Hall but check out the 'Shangri-La' in the summer of Okinawa.

[Apply with the stickers you collected! MUCC new member recruitment campaign?! Details]
[Application Period]
2013, April 26th (Fri)~June 9th (Sun) Valid if postmarked on the 9th
[Special Prize] Rights to become MUCC 2 people
・They are recruiting two new members this time.
・You don't have to be able to play an instrument!
・Members will come up with a stage name for you.
・Once you become a member, you will be very busy participating in shooting, interviews and recordings.
[A Prize] MUCC original ramen bowel set 69 people
Something you would never buy but useful if you have one. MUCC original designed ramen bowel
Please be aware that the prize might have a different design then announced.
[B Prize] MUCC member designed metal badge A set of two for 1000 people
One will be randomly chosen from designs of many. Please be aware that you will not be able to choose a design.
[How to apply]
Stick five 15 year anniversary stickers on the application sheet and fill it out. Affix the application sheet on a official postcard and send it in.
[Application Sheet]
Download it from the URL listed below.
There will be record stores handing them out in the future.
Details of the stores and the time will be announced on the webpage.
[Target Products]
-Single 'Nirvana' AICL-2356~2357 / AICL-2358 / AICL-2359
-Single 'MOTHER' AICL-2454~2455 / AICL-2456
-DVD - MUCC 15th Anniversary year Live - [MUCC vs MUCC vs MUCC] Incomplete Disc
'Shisei' AIBL-9241~2'Misshitsu' AIBL-9243~4 'Kodo' AIBL-9245~6
-DVD - MUCC 15th Anniversary year Live - [MUCC vs MUCC vs MUCC] Complete Disc AIBL9255~9257
-Album 'Shangri-La' AICL-2484~2485 / AICL-2486~2487 / AICL-2488
-Concert goods with 15 year anniversary stickers sold between 2012, June 9th ~2013, June 9th
-If you are to send it by a normal postcard instead of an official postcard, make sure you affix a 50 yen postage stamp.
-Make sure the stickers are pasted well on the pasteboard.
-Five of the any two types of 15 year anniversary stickers affixed on CD, DVD and goods will be eligible for one application.
EX)3 round stickers + 2 square stickers, 1 round sticker + 4 square stickers
Any combination is accepted.
-No limit of application per person..
-The special prize is a limited prize.
[Q]Sony Music Associated Records 03-3515-5311(Weekday 11:00 ~ 18:00)

-Ticket Detail & Purchase Page
-MUCC Official Site

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