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Sakura Gakuin Member Ayami Muto Annouces New Project

The Sakura Gakuin member, Ayami Muto, that has been the center act for their group till spring of 2012, has announced her new project.

It will be the first time for the company amuse with a 35 year history of bringing famous artist into the world to have a solo idol project. As Ayami Muto left Sakura Gakuin in spring of 2012, fans have been wondering what she will be doing next. At the Sakura Gakuin event that was held late March at Tokyo International Forum, they gave out flyers with only the words 'Ayami Muto 2013.4.29' and a website address, starting a rumor amongst fans on twitter about how something may happened on this this, which is Ayami Muto's 17th birthday.

Ayami debuted in 2008 as a member for the limited time one year unit 'Karen Girl's' created just for the Tokyo TV anime 'Zettai Karen Children' with the name 'AYAMI', and released the theme song for this anime, 'Over the Future'. Even being an elementary school girl unit, they placed 8th on the Oricon Daily chart. After this, she joined the limited time group 'Sakura Gakuin' and became the leader of the group leading many events and shows over a 2 year period. As she graduated junior high school in March of 2012, she decided to leave Sakura Gakuen.

As she was about to take her first step as Ayami Muto, she decided to look back on the kind of music she created in the past. While examining her musical roots, she realized that she loved songs from the present to songs from the 80's. This made her also realize that she was infatuated by the 80's idols.

This lead to her decision in early summer of 2012, to become a 80's style solo. As she looked into this type of music, she encountered many hit songs. There were songs that described, 'because it's so important, it's hard to put into words' and 'because you sing it as lyrics, it's these straight-forward feelings'.

Realizing the charm of these 80's songs, Ayami started to re-realize her joy to sing.

Therefore, for Ayami's solo project, she decided to work on incorporating 80's songs as well as the present her.

For the 9 month recording session, they had engineers that were experts at 80's music, people from the music industry that represented musicians from their 20's to their 60's, producers, arrangers, and many other people to create that specific 80's tone and sound. As the 16 year old Ayami worked with different types of people in the music industry, she began to have a better sense of music.

As the songs were recorded while being watched by many experts, Ayami put some life into the music as they completed their first project, 'DNA 1980'.

With her website that just opened, they broadcasted a video that showed Ayami since she was a little girl till now. This video won the 2006 Cannes Advertisement Festival Young Directors Award, and in the same year, it ranked 1st globally in Shots' New Director section. The person who created this video were the people that have created many famous commercials in the past such as 'Shiseido', 'Nike', 'UNIQLO', and many other short films. She also announced that she will be having an event at Shibuya O-EAST on July 19th, 2013, and will also be releasing her LVE concert hall limited edition 'DNA1980 Vol. 1' and 'DNA1980 Vol. 2' CDs.

Also, for the choreography, MIKIKO, who has worked with Ayami since her younger days and has also worked with many artists as a choreographer for commercials and stage, will be working with Ayami for this live event. The LVE concert hall limited edition 'DNA1980 Vol. 1' and 'DNA1980 Vol. 2' CDs will only be available at the event.

Ayami Budo's first project, concert, and CD will incorporate the concept of 'DNA1980' and it will be interesting to see how it all comes out. Please go to Ayami Budo's official website for more details to come.

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