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[LIVE REPORT] Aqua Timez, 10,000 fans go wild to setlist based on FM802 listener requests

Aqua Timez participated in ‘FM802 SPECIAL LIVE 'REQUESTAGE 11' on April 29th. 10,000 fans at Osakajo Hall went wild to the setlists consisting of hit song after hit song.

-Aqua Timez image

The event formerly known as 'docomo presents FM802 SPECIAL LIVE –REQUESTAGE 11-' faced its 11th holding this year and has been renamed to 'FM802 SPECIAL LIVE'. What's unique about this event is that the setlists are determined based on requests by FM802 listeners. Participants in this year's event included Tortoise Matsumoto, NICO Touches the Walls, miwa, RIP SLYME, and etc. Aqua Timez and such other artists stepped up on stage and set the place on fire.

As the lights went down, the intro to 'Niji', which received the most number of requests by listeners, began to play. As the members of Aqua Timez appeared on stage, Osakajo Hall was filled with the sound of cheers. The show kicked off on top gear. In addition to their swan song being played right off the bat, the band's exciting performance kept taking the show to new heights. The following song was 'Wa ni Natte' off of their newest album, 'because you are you'. Things were getting more heated up with this aggressive rock tune.

'When I first debuted, I received a fan letter that said, 'by listening to 'ketsui no Asa ni' on the radio, it gave me the courage to go back to school'. That came back as a loop to me, and that is why I was able to continue this far. –Taishi

The next song was this 10-year-old band's debut song, 'Ketsui no Asa ni'. The emotionally moving, main part of the show came to a close with 'Tsubomi'. Even after the show was done, calls for encore did not cease. Aqua Timez came back to the stage to respond to the fans by playing 'Toshindai no Love Song'. Vocalist, Taishi thanked the fans at the end through this song.

'By participating in this event, I've become able to like my self a little bit more. I've come to like Osaka again. Let's meet again.'

After the show was finished, the FM802 program, 'ROCK KIDS 802' received loads of comments from excited listeners. As a result, they immediately decided to get Taishi on the phone to have a surprise talk with excited fans who were moved by the performance of 'Ketsui no Asa ni'.

Footages of 'FM802 SPECIAL LIVE ‘REQUESTAGE 11'' will be broadcasted on the radio program, 'ROCK KIDS 802 –OCIKEN Goes ON!!-' between June 10th to June 13th. Aqua Timez is scheduled to participate in numerous music festivals this summer. They are also scheduled to begin their battle of the bands tour beginning on August 12th at Zepp Nagoya. They will be touring the 5 big cities of Japan.

Photographer: Hajime Watanabe (Photograph provided by FM802)

•FM802 'ROCK KIDS 802 –OCHIKEN Goes ON!!!-'
•June 10th (Mon) ~ 13th (Thurs.) 9PM~11:44PM
*Scheduled to broadcast April 29th, Osakajo Hall concert.

5th Album 'because you are you'
September 5th, 2012, release
[Limited first press edition (CD+DVD)] ESCL-3960~1 ¥3,500 (Tax incl.)
[Standard edition (CD)]ESCL-3962 ¥3,059 (Tax incl.)
1. Onsoku no Fuukei
2. Aurora no Furu Yoru
3. because you are you
4. Tsubomi
5. Wa ni Natte
8. Namari-iro no Fiction
9. good sleep
10. Kimi to nara feat. LGMonkees, Sachiko Ishibashi
11. Usagi no Shippo
12. HOME
2. Tsubomi (MUSIC VIDEO)
3. Special Movie

-Aqua Timez Official Website

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