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SUPER☆GiRLS's Latest Bikini Photo and Cover Art for New Single 'Tokonatsu High Touch' Released

SUPER☆GiRLS, who are releasing their new single 'Tokonatsu High Touch' on June 12th have released the cover art and their bikini photos. Since it's a summer song, their smiles in the photo look as bright as the sun.

-SUPER☆GiRLS New Single "Tokonatsu High Touch" Photo

The cover photo was shot in Guam during April.

The new song 'Tokonatsu High Touch' is a TV commercial song for Itoyokado's swimwear campaign 'Koi☆Mizugi'. And it also is a cheer-up song for the 'Zenkoku Koutougakkou Quiz Senshuken' (High School Quiz Competition).

This song came out as a happy party tune and surely it will energize the summer for the SUPER☆GiRLS in 2013.

-SUPER☆GiRLS Official Website

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