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AKB48: Team 4, Reveals MV for 'Hashire! Penguin': First and Last MV Under Current Lineup

The MV for the track, 'Hashire! Penguin', which won 1st place at AKB48's 'Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2013' event, which took place for 4 days between January 24th and 27th this year at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL, was revealed. This would be the first and last MV for Team 4.

-'Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2013 Limited first press edition Special Blu-ray BOX' Picture, 'Harshire! Penguin' MV

The MV created by director Eiki Takahashi features a rock-taste visual with fast-paced camera work that was created with the poppy sound of the guitar in mind. The MV was created under the concept of 'giving the fans what they want'. The video is also a visualized form of the concepts that appear in the lyrics: 'everyone wearing the same outfit and being united', 'running and becoming number 1', and 'flying and becoming number 1'.

The members appear in penguin costumes in front of the main set that features snowflakes and icebergs in the background to accord with the concept of the song, 'Hashire! Penguin'. North Pole is the theme of the main set. On the contrary, the sub-set features a variety of warmer colors to balance out the atmosphere (i.e. to not make it look too 'cool'). Overall, it does justice in expressing the freshness and colorfulness of 'Team 4' without ruining the overall atmosphere of the song.

Another thing to note is that the video makes use of the skill sets possessed by the members: Mariya Nagao has experience doing apparatus gymnastics and can do 2 hula-hoops at the same time; and Miyu Takeuchi and Yuuka Tano are skilled at using the trampoline.

The MV for 'Hashire! Penguin' elected by the fans, will be featured in 'Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2013 Limited First Press Edition Special Blu-ray BOX' (6 Disc set: ¥24,300), along with its making video. This is a supreme gift for the fans who voted for the song and a rare, must-have video for AKB48 fans in general.

-AKB48 Official Website

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