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[Kawaii girl Japan] Details on CD info and newest artwork for 'festival metal', BABYMETAL's 'Megitsune' revealed

BABYMETAL is a metal/dance group who has been drawing much attention with their sound and performance that fuses together idol and metal. Detailed information on their newest artwork and tracklist for their 2nd single, 'Megitsune', which will be released on June 19th, has been revealed.


Along with the artist photo of the band members wearing fox masks revealed in April, we were told that BABYMETAL would be releasing their Japanese, 'festival metal' song, 'Megitsune'. More information has been revealed including a cute and mysterious new artist photo, 4 variations on the cover artwork for the new single, and the content of the new CD and bonus DVD that comes with the limited first press edition.

The title track, 'Megitsune', is a strange metal song that features sounds of traditional Japanese musical instruments and 'matsuri' (Japanese festival) calls along with a straight up metal sound. Along with 'Megitsune', the single will include the tracks, 'Onedari Daisakusen' and 'Akatsuki' which have already received a lot of positive feedback from fans when played at their live shows.

'Onedari Metal' is a BABYMETAL style rap metal song that features call and response rapping by 'BLACK BABYMETAL' –the group name for YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL who are in charge of dance and screams. On the contrary, 'Akatsuki' has been performed at live shows as SU-METAL's solo work. It is a melodic speed metal tune in which SU-METAL's mysterious voice draws you into a mysterious realm.

The DVDs that come with each version of the limited first press edition of the CD will each feature 2 songs off of their performances at the solo live show trilogy, 'I,D,Z ~LEGEND', which took place between October 2012 and February 2013. Clips of the animation that were shown during their concerts, which many fans have been talking about, will also be included in the DVD. It is a must-have for fans.

For the first time, in May, BABYMETAL will be holding a tour with all songs being played by a live band. For this 'BABYMETAL DEATH MATCH TOUR 2013 –Gogatsu Kakumei-' they are scheduled to play at Osaka, BIG CAT on May 10th, at Tokyo Zepp DiverCity on May 17th & 18th, and at their first outdoor music festival, 'METROCK 2013' on May 26th. We need to keep an eye on BABYMETAL, for they are continuing to rapidly gain momemtum.

2nd single 'Megitsune'
June 19th release
[First press edition CD]
1. Megitsune
2. Ondedari Daisakusen

[Standard edition CD]
1. Megitsune
2. Akatsuki
3. Megitsune (Air Vocal Ver.)
4. Akatsuki (Air Vocal Ver.)

[Limited first press edition Ki version DVD]
Live Clip October 6th, 2012, 'I,D,Z ~LEGEND ‘I'' at Shibuya O-EAST
1. Overure? Do・Ki・Do・Ki☆Morning
2. Head Banger!!

[Limited first press edition Tsu version DVD]
Live Clip December 20th, 2012 'I,D,Z ~LEGEND ‘D' SU-METAL Seitansai' at AKASAKA BLITZ
2. Kimi to Anime ga Mitai? Answer for Animation With You

[Limited first press edition Ne version DVD]
Live Clip February 1st, 2013 'I, D,Z ~LEGEND ‘Z'' at Zepp Tokyo
1. Overture? Ijime, Dame, Zettai
2. Catch me if you can

-BABYMETAL Official Website
-Kawaii girl Japan

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