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[Kawaii girl Japan] Major debut for underground idol star of Mai Kotone confirmed

At 'Kotone no Hi' the event sponsored by Mai Kotone on May 10, 2013 at SHIBUYA O-EAST, it was announced that indies solo artist Mai Kotone will be having her major debut in August.

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Two pieces of 'very important information' were delivered by Mai herself; first, that May 10 has officially been established as 'Kotone no Hi' by the Japan Anniversary Association, and second, that she will be having her major debut from Victor Entertainment's VERSIONMUSIC on August 14, 2013. The award ceremony took place on stage, as Mai received her framed certificate for 'Kotone no Hi' from her stage counterpart, Marina Tsuda.
'I kept saying that May 10th was Kotone Day for three years, and it's a good thing I didn't give up and lose to Goto-san [who also vying for the same 510 – pronounced 'goto']. '---Mai Kotone

Even during the press conference, which took place before the live, when questioned about her major debut she mentioned that, 'I'm so happy to finally get the chance for the major debut that has been my goal during my four years of activity as Mai Kotone. I'm really grateful for all my staff and fans.'

Recollecting an episode in her early career where she ended up crying in the live house after an autograph session where no one came to her table, she comments that 'The reason I wanted to become an idol in the first place is because as an admirer of Hello! Project, it was my dream to perform at the live set used for their performances, the holy-ground of sets, Nakano Sun Plaza.'

Since coming to Tokyo in 2009 wanting to become an idol, she has been on 300 stages a year as well as making the One-man Live at the end of 2012 a great success; this year marked the third time that Kotone had called the events that took place on 5/10 (a play on words pronouncing the date the same as her last name).

Next, she promises that she will take Kotone no Hi a step further. Her goal: to make it a national holiday. In addition to the release of her major debut song, the first half of which has an upbeat summery tune, she will also be giving gravure a shot.


Major Debut Single – Not yet titled
August 14, 2013 Release

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