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[Kawaii girl Japan/LIVE REPORT]Sakura Gakuin Academic Year 2013 to announce their new student body president, Marina Horiuchi.[Hope to bring ourselves to full bloom this year again]

The ceremony to acknowledge and welcome new members to Sakura Gakuin for Academic Year ('AY') 2013 was held at Sakura Hall, Shibuya Cultural Center Owada, on May 5th. 1 month passed since their graduation for AY 2012. The hall was packed with families and friends ('fans') anxiously awaiting for the new members and a student body president-select to be announced.

-Sakura Gakuin Photo

'Berishubitts' was the first song to start off the ceremony with this school of 10 girls who started their academic year anew, fully dressed in school uniform and a tie. Next came 'School days' and 'Song for smiling', bringing cheers and smiles to the audience.
Supervising teacher, Mr. Hayashi Mori, appeared and introduced the members and 'member-unique after school club activities' at Sakura Gakuin. Nene Sugisaki was first to speak on behalf of Tennis Club, Pastel Wind!. 'Got slightly better at tennis after hard training during spring recess!' said Nene as she appealed to the crowd, however, an unexpected announcement followed right after by Marina Horiuchi that she wished to quit the club. Her main reason for quitting was, like everyone was actually talking about at a March graduation live, that multiple club activities led her to get disorganized and she made mistakes getting dressed in wrong costumes and wrong times. After all her teacher gave her a warning. All of a sudden came a voice 'Say!' full of spirit than despair. 'Please let Saki try!' said Saki Ooga expressing her wish to join the club. As other members suggested for her entrance test, Saki showed her 'miracle super serve' powerfully and won everyone's approval and her right to officially join the club! The entire tennis club performed 'Scoreboard ni Love ga aru' after with the newly joined member Saki altogether.

Next came sleepiece, the iconic club known as 'Kitakubu' for those who just wish to go home after school. Marina Horiuchi and Raura Iida showed up in red t-shirts and roomie shoes, very different from their usual panda pajama look. And another happening continued with Nene Sugisaki unable to get up and ready to come up on stage. Hinata Sato jumped in to cover for Nene in a pinch, they performed 'Suiminbusoku', the number you could only get to hear this day alone. About half way through, Nene the sleepyhead finally joined the club and they had their first performance of the four middle schoolers together.

Scene changed to welcome the long term ‘rivals in height' since their grade school days, Yui Mizuno, Moa Kikuchi and Hana Taguchi who is officially known as a huge pro-wrestling fan. They are called Mini Pati, the cook club. The club performed their cute and sharp number 'Mirakuru♪Patifuru♪Hamburger'. By the way, Yui Mizuno won the height game this time by 3 millimeters.

The last club to appear was the Science Investigation Mechanism LOGICA?, turning the entire venue into an electronic scientific project material as soon as they showed up. The blade antennas stuck on top of Hinata Sato's head were just shining as the unit performed the elegantly organized dance with a new song 'Delta' and some effect of VJ links.

After all these club activities, a fabulous fashion show started. Each member had a dance move and a new school uniform of their own to show. The show included newly designed school uniforms with blazer in colors of navy-blue to camel brown, skirts that were red, mazarine and checkered. They were all new but had been all redesigned with emblems, brass buttons, and ties from the old uniforms, keeping the good & old 'Sakura Gakuin Tradition' for generations to come. The school girls chose 'Otomegokoro' to be their first song to sing in this set of new uniforms. This is a number, which is popular and known as more of an 'adult' piece among their other songs.

The celebration of their new school year was coming to climax when the chime was set off. Supervising teacher Mr. Mori appeared again and the homeroom started. Now it was finally time to introduce new students by way of Mr. Mori throwing a quiz.
Aiko Yamaide, the 5th grader girl with height of 132 cm from Kagoshima, and Saki Shirai who has been the biggest fan of Sakura Gakuin with her specialty of drum.
The first song performed by the 12 school girls was 'Chime'. The group stated, 'We hope to grow together this year and we are gonna perform with all our heart.' as they sang 'FRIENDS' as a closure to the show.

At the encore session, a students general meeting took place while school principal Mitsuru Kuramoto appointed the leaders of new student body. Nobody including members knew who was going to be selected as president of student body. As their fans swallowed in expectations and anxiety, Raura Iida, Hinata Sato, Nene Sugisaki, and Marina Horiuchi were called to step out and walk to the center of stage. What now?
In 2012, vice president and assistant vice president were also announced as a surprise besides student body president.
Mr. Kuramoto first appointed the four from the middle school to form a student body. Raura Iida got appointed as 'Chairperson of Performance' so she leads dancing. Hinata Sato as 'Chairperson of Mood', her main responsibility includes keeping everyone's spirit up. Nene Sugisaki as 'Chairperson of Talk', responsible for taking the lead in talks among her peers. Lastly the new president of student body was announced to be Marina Horiuchi for AY2013.
'This step is our first one we all took together in AY2013. Raura, Hinata, Nene from 3rd year in middle school are all my friends I have walked with from the very beginning. We want to make sure that each of us shines as individuals and as a group, and keep trust with each other. We hope to bring ourselves to full blossom this year together with everyone gathered here today. And as a president, I hope to be a responsible and central lead to assist Sakura Gakuin' stated Marina Horriuchi determinedly.

'Hello! IVY!' started off as to celebrate the powerful start of Sakura Gakuin 2013 with a stage cue by Marina Horiuchi, just like classes and presidents of student body in the past always did.
Sakura Gakuin, which the former student body president in 2012, Suzuka Nakamoto, built the foundation of is now passed on to Marina Horiuchi, the new generation. The new chapter to their book of Sakura Gakuin has just began.

(Set list)
02.School days
03.Song for smiling
04.Scoreboard ni Love ga aru/Tennis Club Pastel Wind
05.Suiminbusoku/Kitakubu sleepiece
06.Mirakuru♪Patifuru♪Hamburger/Cook Club Mini Pati
07.Delta/Science Club – Science Investigation Mechanism LOGICA?
~New School Uniform Fashion Show~
~New Students Introduction~
~Sakura Gakuin 2013 Academic Year Students General Meeting~
EN01.Hello ! IVY
EN02.Yume ni mukatte

-Sakura Gakuin Official Site
-Kawaii girl Japan

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