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[Event Report] Chris Hart Makes Triumphal Return to US and Announces Debut in Japan

Chris hart made a triumphal return to US and participated in the event, 'JAPAN DAY', and event aimed at promoting the wonderfulness of Japan.

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Chris Hart is the American singer who won the Nippon TV, 'Nodojiman The! World'. Every time that he starred on the program, Japanese listeners all over the country were mesmerized by his 'miraculous voice'. He is from the San Francisco Bay Area. On May 1st, he made his debut in Japan with the single, 'home', which marked 8th place on the Oricon Daily Chart. He is currently on a rapid rise.

The event, 'JAPAN DAY', in which he participated, took place at Central Park, NY, on May 12th, local time. This year's holding marked the event's 7th holding. It has become one of the greatest Japanese-American cultural exchange events in the country. The event aims to introduce Japanese culture to the people of America.

Various Japanese traditional art forms such as karate, wadaiko (Japanese drums), Bon Odori (Bon festival dance) are introduced at the event along with various Japanese foods such as ramen noodles and okonomiyaki being served for free at the food tent. One can also try on a kimono, do Japanese calligraphy, and get a Kabuki style face painting. Naturally, a long line of people form for a rare opportunity to get a taste of Japanese culture. Chris stepped onto the main stage in front of more than 2,000 people that day.

As the host MC announced that Chris has made his debut in Japan from Universal Music, the crowd cheered in joy. Since when he was a little child, Chris was surrounded by Japanese and J-POP. Not being able to contain his passion for Japan, he moved there and began his musical activity. It was a monumental moment for him to come back to the US to announce that he has finally realized his dream of making his musical debut there.

He sang the songs, 'Mirai e' (Original: Kiroro), a song that he heard on American cable TV when he was 12 years old, and 'home' (Original: Yusaku Kiyama), his debut single. Although during the song, the music stopped playing for a while due to an accident with the equipment, Chris continued singing A cappella. His passion for singing struck the hearts of the people there, and they applauded in awe while they called for an encore.

In response to the warm welcome he receive at the event, Chris said, 'I am ecstatic to be able to sing my favorite Japanese songs in America where I grew up. I want to keep singing in order to spread the wonderful Japanese culture to the world.

Debut Single 2home'
May 1st, 2013, release

UMCK-5430 1,050 JPY (Tax incl.)
1. home (Lyrics, Music: Kunio Tako)
2. Tashika na Koto (Lyrics, Music: Kazumasa Oda)
3. Tabidatsu Hi (Lyrics: Yasushi Akimoto Music: Yoshimasa Inoue)

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