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Two Years In A Roll 'Ito Yokado and AAA collaboration yukata' Annouced

A press conference announcing 'Ito Yokado and AAA collaboration yukata' was held at Ario Nishiarai on May 14th.

-'Ito Yokado and AAA collaboration yukata' press conference announcement

In 2012, the AAA collaboration yukata was very popular. For 2013, new designed yukata with new pattern suggested by the members were announced.

For the ladie's yukata, though the motif is cute with cherry patterns and a quiet red color as a point, it also has butterflies, roses, and classic flower patterns such as an iris, so that it can be worn by an adult woman as well. There are two designs and each one has two color schemes. By combining with the color of the obi (sash), one can look cute like Chiaki or mature like Uno. They are both attractive so if someone whispered into your ear, 'Which one is your choice?' it will be a tough decision for sure. We can't stop complaining that this is how indecisive men are created.

For the men's yukata, cool-looking Shijira cloth with irregularities is used. On the collar and the cuffs, accent colors are used and aside from the 5 fashionable items, as a collaboration item that can be used in coordination with yukata, long drawers and obi, and items like money pouches line up.

This day was the pre-sale where members of fan club that purchased 'Koi☆Yukata' participated and the venue was already in summer mode. At the announcement, a new commercial AAA is in was released for the first time. The song used for the commercial is called 'Love Is In The Air'. It is an upbeat summer-like song where people can dance in high sprits to. This song will be released as the 37th single on June 26th.

At the conference, there was a draw where the members of the fan club got to experience pseudo-dates with the members. The situation was at a summer festival and the fans got to pick their favorite member and experience a yo-yo- fishing date. At the end they got to take a picture with the member. The members that were not picked as a date participated as friends and clerks, which got the crowd livened up.

'Ito Yokado and AAA collaboration yukata' will go on sale at Ito Yokado nationwide on May 14th.(some stores may not carry)

-AAA Official Site

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