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[Kawaii girl Japan]Umika Kawashima appeared at 'Water Hydration Day' on May 15 as [5-15℃PROJRCT] Image Character

Umika Kawashima appeared at 'Water Hydration Day', on May 15, for an event of [5-15℃PROJRCT] which advocates for raising awareness of the importance of 'water hydration' in heat, and she is chosen as a model character.

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Summer already hit us in early May with an anticipation of deadly heat coming up late summer of 2013. In the midst of deadly summer heat in Japan, water hydration is a key to survival. A presentation was done by professors, Hideto Tanaka of Yokohama National University, and Yuko Mekada from Bunkyo University, in which they talked that water at a temperature between 5~15℃ gets best absorbed.

Followed by a talk show, a group of community celebrities including weather forecaster Masamitsu Morita, mayor of Tajimi city, Masanori Furukawa representing the hottest city in Japan, and Tajimi city official character 'Unagappa' joined Umika Kawashima at this hot occasion.

[I came to learn about the best temperature 5~15℃ for absorbing water through this CM, I hope many will get to know this at this opportunity.]---Umika Kawashima

Umika answered to an after-event interview to a question 'who needs water hydration most in 9nine?' saying, 'everyone but perhaps....Uki Satake needs it badly because she sweats a lot. After one live, she looks like she's just bathed. I hope Uki drinks lots of water. Her metabolism should get even better though (laugh)'. She concluded the interview saying, 'I hope many people will be aware of the danger of getting dehydrated in heat this summer, and you can keep from dehydration with Thermos water bottle'.

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