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7 Questions BARKS Gave to Yu Takahashi Now Revealed 'The theme was roughly be what you are and go straightforward'

Yu Takahashi released his single 'Onaji Sora no Shita' on May 15th right after his single '(Where's) THE SILENT MAJORITY?' released on April 10th, releasing new singles 2 months in a row. The title song is also used as the theme song for NHK's program 'Shigoto Hakken Den', which is a documentary style show that introduced jobs that people want to try. Yu claims that the show actually influenced the song, making this single an interesting one.

-Yu Takahashi 'Onai Sora no Shita' Video

'Onaji Sora no Shita' starts off with the lyrics, 'It's not like I was chosen/ I can't even guarantee that I have any talent♪' With the lyrics using the word 'not' and 'can't', it expresses his feelings of how he would like to live the way he is regardless of all these facts. Even when facing uncertainty and unreasonable situations, just keep moving forward. While struggling, try to move forward. This is why this song will genuinely capture one's heart and give people hope.

For this song, he plays the acoustic guitar solo. With the phrases that drown in sadness, the rhythmic strumming of the chords, and the raw sound of the guitar that portrays the emotions the lyrics hold seem to be telling a story. Of course, this matching with the emotional vocals, this song is great.

In order to know Yu Takahashi better, BARKS asked him 7 questions that ask him about his new song 'Onaji Sora no Shita', the two songs that were recorded as the coupling songs, and the tour that will begin at the end of May. And now we reveal the answers to the questions we asked.

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[To Mr. Yu Takahashi, 7 Questions from BARKS]

[Question 1] In our previous interview (12/24/2012), you talked about singing and how you would love it if you can find new things about yourself through life and the hope for that to be an opportunity for others to find something as well. After this, 'Onaji Sora no Shita' was made. Which part did you start with for this song? Please tell us what the first step was for this song that expresses your daily self.

It's the part where it goes, 'It's not like I was chosen♪'

[Question 2] I believe it begins with a upstroke. I feel the sadness in those tenacious strokes and the chocking that comes after. What was the theme for 'Onaji Sora no Shita'?

The theme was 'roughly be what you are and go straightforward.'

[Question 3] Continuing on, I'd like to ask you a guitar question. When you think of Yu Takahashi, you think of an acoustic guitar. Please tell us what you look for in a guitar. For example, liking the dub on the Gibson guitar or liking how the single cut-away on the electric guitar sounds.

I recently purchased a used Gibson guitar called the 'CF100'. In terms of how it plays and sounds, I like the one the best right now.

[Question 4] As we mentioned in question 1, the lyrics for 'Onaji Sora no Shita' can be a taken as a confession about yourself. There's a part in the song that goes, 'With complete certainty, I knew it was this♪' What is something that you feel like you have complete certainty over right now?

To be one with the guitar. To try my best.

[Question 5] Please tell us which part to pay attention to in your coupling songs 'Hige' and 'Ganbare Osono-san'.

'Hige' – I recorded this song with the image of a person singing it alone in the middle of a huge room. It's a song that expresses the feelings of a guy who doesn't know how to speak his own mind.

'Ganbare Hosono-san' – I want to cheer on those people that keep trying and never give up.

[Question 6] On the First Press Limited Edition DVD, the song 'Leeman's Rock' is included. Please tell us why you decided to include this song from your indie days.

I felt like this song matched the theme for this single, so I wanted everyone to listen to it together.

[Question 7] Finally, about the tour. Starting May 31st, your national live house tour 'BREAK YOUR SILENCE' will begin, and starting July 27th, your national hall tour 'BREAK OUR SILENCE' will begin. Seeing from the title, these tours seem to have some kind of connection. What kind of tours will these be?

I would like to have a performance that breaks the silence of not saying/doing what you think and being hesitant.
BREAK YOUR SILENCE – I will break 'YOUR' silence.
BREAK OUR SILENCE – I will break 'OUR' silence.

9th single 'Onaji Sora no Shita'
On sale May 15th, 2013
[First Limited Edition (DVD+CD)] WPZL-30598 1,575 JPY (tax in)
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1. Onaji Sora no Shita
2. Hige
3. Ganbare Hosono-san
Leeman's Rock (Limited DVD Release Song)
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