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BABYMETAL - 7,000 people go wild at BABYMETAL Training Tour with Live Band! Plus Summer Sonic 2013 appearance is set and scheduled 2 years in a row.

BABYMETAL had a finale to their first tour with a live band [BABYMETAL DEATH MATCH TOUR 2013 –Gogatsu Kakumei-]. A total of 7,000 people in the audience went wild throughout all 4 live events.

-BABYMETAL, Training Tour with a live band~Large Photo~

This ‘training tour' was set with a goal to take BABYMETAL to a next level. The real metal legendary is to teach them about the heart of ‘true metalhood'. And BABYMETAL has to go through all types of training to achieve the goal together with the fans at each live event.

With a start of the debut song[Do・Ki・Do・Ki☆Morning]at the first live in Osaka, the members showed up on stage wearing the costumes they used to wear when they debuted. The training theme of the day was 'Wall of Death'. [Ijime, Dame, Zettai]began as YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL sprinted across the stage.

In Tokyo, each live had a different training theme. BATTLE-2 on the 17th was 'Dogeza Hedoban', BATTLE-3 on the 18th was 'Moshusshu', and FINAL BATTLE the same day was 'Kitsune Sign'. The girls were thrown with the challenges to clear, and as they passed every single theme, the way of 'metal master' finally revealed to them.

They used the old costumes when performing [Do・Ki・Do・Ki☆Morning]in Osaka at first, but the girls appeared in different costumes at each song afterwards, as if butterflies coming out of cocoons. At FINAL BATTLE, they appeared in the latest live costume for their newest single [Megitsune].

This was their first time ever to perform all songs with a live band. One could feel a sense of tension arising at the venue. SU-METAL, powered up through the training, shocked the audience with her vocal, YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL also pitched in perfectly with their dance performance. Together with the babies of BABYMETAL, the bursting sound from 'metal gods' live performance fueled the concert entirely. There was no border between idol fans, metal fans, or rock fans. The whole venue was swallowed by the heat of 'Real Metal' spirit.

BABYMETAL is scheduled to release the 2nd single [Megitsune]on June 19, and tickets are already sold out for the upcoming one-man live [LEGEND '1999' YUIMETAL & MOAMETAL Seitansai] at NHK Hall on June 30. BABYMETAL will appear at summer rock festivals this year. [METROCK2013], first outdoor festival on the 26th, and [JOIN ALIVE] on July 21 in Hokkaido in addition to [SUMMER SONIC 2013], just announced at FINAL BATTLE.

-BABYMETAL Official Site

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