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[Kawaii girl Japan] Akina Minami Holds Special 10-Year Debut Anniversary/Birthday Photo Exhibition

TV personality, Akina Minami, appeared in front of the media for a private showing for the holding of her special 10-year debut anniversary/birthday photo exhibition (akina-mono-chorome).

- Akina Minami (Akkina) Picture

Akkina, who turned 24 years old on May 15th, along with balck & white pictures taken by Tadao Matsuda, introduced various color pictures that she took herself in a TV show. In response to a question she was asked concerning her past 10 years, she replied, "I think it's a good time for me to look back at things, clean my slate, and try to better myself so that I could reach my 20th, and even my 30th anniversary down the line".

When asked, "what was the hardest thing for you in the past 10 years", she replied, "it was hard for me to juggle both school and career when I was a high school student". Aside from her career as a model and a TV personality, she has been receiving acting jobs these days as well; she plans to actively pursue that too.

Every year, Akkina has taken the day off on her birthday so that she could spend time with her family, and she has maintained that that will not change even if she got a boyfriend. On the topic of prospective boyfriend, she showed unease, "seriously, there aren't any right now. I'm starting to feel anxious because I'm already 24 years old. I have to do something about it".

- Akina Minami Official Blog
- Kawaii girl Japan

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