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Momoe Yamaguchi, 40 Years Since Her Debut on May 21st, 1973

In commemoration of her 40th debut anniversary, Momoe Yamaguchi released the 2-disc greatest hits album, "GOLDEN☆BEST Yamaguchi Momoe Album Selection", on May 22nd. The album features tracks selected from all 22 of her original albums.

- Momoe Yamaguchi Picture

Although she has released numerous greatest hits albums comprised of her hit single tracks, this would be her first time to release one comprised of masterpieces off of her album tracks. The booklet to come along with the CD will feature 44 all-color pages and include numerous never-revealed-before pictures.

Momoe Yamaguchi made her debut 40 years ago on May 21st, 1973. She rose to instant stardom with her sensational lyrics featured on her single "Hitonatsu no Keiken". While treading down roads unchartered by other idols of the time, Yamaguchi continued releasing big hits after big hits with her own unique style.

One of the people in charge of the production of "GOLDEN☆BEST Yamaguchi Momoe Album Selection" commented, "the masterpieces featured on the album will let you re-discover Momoe Yamaguchi's charm. It is a wonderful album that is worthy of bookmarking her monumental 40th anniversary".

- "GOLDEN☆BEST Yamaguchi Momoe Album Selection" Official Website

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