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[Kawaii girl Japan/Live Report] Yuki Kajiura's Anniversary Concert,

[Yuki Kajiura/FictionJunction 20th Anniversary Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#10 "Kaji Fes.2013" May 11th, 2013 at Tokyo International Forum Hall A]

Kalafina's debut song "Oblivious" opened Yuki Kajiura's 20th anniversary celebration. This volume #10 concert became the biggest concert she's ever had.

The 2nd song was one of her latest songs "consolation" and the third song was "Hanataba", featuring Yoshiaki Sato who played on their third album "consolation".

Kalafina, after 3 songs, moved to the stairs at the center of the stage and as the song "signal" started, Kalafina appeared in white and Yuriko Kaida in black. "Hikari furu" featured Wakana as the main vocal and Keiko and Hikaru as the back up singers.

Keiko made a comment "I would love to put all my celebrations in this song" and then "Anna ni Issho Datta Noni" was played right after her comment. [ANIMAX MUSIX Fall 2010] featured this song, but even in 2013, the audience loved the tune. The 3 singers sang the song carefully but beautifully taking turns as if to hand down the melody phrase by phrase. And right before the last chorus, they sang in unison with no instruments as the line went "Anna ni Issho Datta Noni(We used to be together)".

Kalafina left the stage but Sato stayed and played "Ordinary Sunset" with an accordion. And to feature his musicality again, "Romance" was played. Yuki's concert makes the audience think of various emotions, and while the thoughts lead back to the composer herself, she finally appeared on stage.

Kaida and Kaori showed up on stage and while they were singing, Wakana and Keiko slipped in between them singing the back up parts. On the stairs was ASUKA in a white long dress. As they performed "Everlasting", the 5 women made up a gorgeous stage. After "Parallel Hearts", Kajiura greeted the fans that amounted to about 5000 people. Kajiura introduced 4 divas as "YK concerts' regular members" and they sang the single CD songs "Distance", "Toki no Muko Maboroshi no Sora" and "Stone Cold" all in a row.

And only at the first quarter of the stage, Kajiura started talking about the self-cover song. See-Saw's first album "I have a dream" featured the original version of the song but the label wanted to add a thick arrangement. However, to celebrate their 20th anniversary and to look back on her early days, she decided to do it as a simpler version.

Cute songs such as "When the fairy tale ends" followed with a cute piano intro and "Homecoming" with a cute collaboration with the violin, flute and piano.

"overture" and "circus" followed, and after "Koya Ruten" from the same album by FJY, Kajiura welcomed YUUKA on stage to talk about the project name "Fiction Junction".

Yoshiaki Sato was welcomed back to the stage for "Blessing". "Nostalgia" featured the beautiful harmony of the violin and flute. Then, the show continued to "Rokugatsu ha Kimi no Eien" as Kajiura and YUUKA performed a duo. The next song "Akatsuki no Kuruma" is FJY's standard tune and YUUKA sang "Silly-Go-Round" and "Nowhere" with Hikaru Kaida as a back up singer.

The closing tune of the first set was "Yasashii Yoake" from the album "See-Saw". YUUKA's voice and the sound of the violin and flute melted together on the song to end the set.

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