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[Video] Comment Arrives from Kavka Shishido

Kavka Shishido's new single "Kiken na Futari" was finally released today. On the occasion of the release, a comment addressed to those of you checking out BARKS arrived so we would like to share it will all of you.

- Kavka Shishido "Kiken na Futari" MV Full Version

Since the "COMING SOON ver." of "Kiken na Futari" was popular, it was released as a full version on Teichiku Music Channel on YouTube. This will be released for a limited time starting May 22nd to June 5th 5:59pm.

The "COMING SOON ver." was just like a trailer for a movie and many comments such as, "I want to see the main part," were written resulting to this limited release.

For the main part of the MV, just like the title of the new song, two dangerous people appear: Active professional boxer, WBA World Super Flyweight ex-champion Kohei Kouno, and uncharted Japanese champion of 4 ranks Tadashi Yuba. A dreamlike scene that you will never see in real life actualized in this MV. This is receiving a lot of attention from the boxing fans as well.

Moreover, after the release of "Kiken na Futari", there will be a release commemoration event [SUMMER SONIC 2013] on August 11th. Check this out as well.

- Kavka Shishido Official Website

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