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Ex-WANDS Show Weisugi Performs First One-Man Concert in Six Years

Vocalist Show Wesugi just performed his first solo one-man concert in six years, since his fifteenth anniversary concert in 2006.

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Show Weisugi took the world by storm as the vocalist of WANDS in the 1990's. Following that he joined the musical group and currently he is the vocalist of self coined "enthical funk rock band" Neko Damashi which has a world wide outlook to their music.

"SHOW WESUGI Live 2013『Resurrection』" was held on May 26th at Tokyo Kinema Club. During the show, Weisugi performed a range of numbers from his classic hits all the way to his newly released single "Frozen World" which was released on May 22nd of this year. The show was a very special way to recap the time spanned in his career.

The live was set up with a great set of support members, Shoichi Tomomori from REBECCA played guitar, Masaru Kobayashi from THE CRO-MAGNON's as well as nil was on bass, and drums was GO from SADS and SUNS OWL. It was great show for Weisugi not to be missed by any of his fans.

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