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Girl Band Cyntia Releases Their First Major Debut Single: Bikini Top Included

The girl band Cyntia who were the backup band for KARA's Tokyo Dome performance and made their major debut with their album "Lady Made", will release their first major single "Return to Myself ~Shinai, Shinai, Natsu." On July 31st.

- Cyntia Past Images

Mari Hamada originally sings the song. This song which placed first in the 1989 Oricon Single Chart ranking will brought back with respect this summer by Cyntia.

For the first press limited edition, a bikini top with the same design as the ones the members are wearing on the cover and their music video will be included. It is no doubt that these bikini tops will be swung around at their shows. With the bikini top members that also include ex-idol SAKI, and with bikini tops being tossed around at their shows, their shows will definitely be hot.

It has also been decided that they will perform as the opening act for the progressive metal band KAMELOT when they come to Japan.

- HR/HM Channel
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