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[Event Report]Erina Mano, held a fan club limited event

On May 6th, Erina Mano held a fan club limited event.

- [Erina Mano PLATINUM ANNEX event~Bessatsu"Manomania"G.W. ban~] Pictures

This day was the last day of the performance. The last day hence Mano chan was struggling with a sore throat for trying too hard up to this day. The performance was hurriedly changed from the originally announced "singing to the fans". Holding back on the singing, a project where Mano chan answers to fan's questions from questionnaire was unfolded.

Since she couldn't sing, "I want to answer as much as possible to your voice" said Mano chan. Mano chan would directly pick out the questionnaires from the box and answer the question.

After the corner of introducing various answers and questions, it was moved to present corner of autographed panels. She performed to the best of her ability in care of her voice, "21 Seiki Teki Renai Jijou" and "Genkimono de Iko!" pleasing the fans.

text and photo by ytsuji a.k.a. editorial department (tsu)

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