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JUJU's New Music Video Now Available!Features Snoopy Dancing to Jazz

The full version of JUJU's "Take Five," from her jazz album DELICIOUS ~JUJU's JAZZ 2nd Dish~ is now available on JUJU's Official YouTube Channel. The album will be released on June 26.

The special feature of this music video is the appearance of the character Snoopy. While her previous album, DELICIOUS, featured the characters from Peanuts on the CD jacket, this time Snoopy appears instead in the music video. The song uses some of the original Peanuts background music, making it a true collaboration.

The animation was newly created specifically for this music video and gives a feeling of America in the past.

Additionally, the futuristic dancers that appear in the video represent part of an art deco piece created by Oskar Schlemmer in the 1920's, known as the Triadisches Ballett. The musicians from the video are real jazz musicians who have been performing for many years in New York.

- JUJU Official Website
- JUJU Official YouTube Channel

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