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[Kawaii girl Japan] '9nine 'Evolution No.9' Kakusan Keikaku' revealed

Information on "9nine 'Evolution No.9' Kakusan Keikaku" has been revealed.

"9nine 'Evolution No.9' Kakusan Keikaku" is the name of the project that will be held by 9nine in commemoration of their new single, "Evolution No.9", which was just released on June 12th. It was announced for the first time on the e-newsletter sent out to the fan club members of "Fan club no 9nine", and fans had eagerly awaited for the unveiling.

- 9nine Picture

In accordance with the title of the single, this project features 9 events: No.1 ~ No.9. The biggest draw of the project will come at the final event (No.9); it will be a special live concert, "Evolution No.9 Summer (Evosama)". There will be 2 live performances and 2,000 people (1,000 pairs) will be invited to attend.

Since people will be invited in pairs, it may be a good opportunity to spread 9nine's name to friends who have yet to see/hear them. It would also be good news for those who could not make it to the release event in June.

9nine has been diligently performing live, and in May, they were able to hold their first-ever live concert in Hong Kong, which saw much success.

Check out 9nine's official website for details on the event.

- 9nine Official website
- Kawaii girl Japan

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