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Good Morning America, 'Mirai heno Spiral Tour 2013' , KANA-BOON and HaKU chosen for event

Good Morning America who released their 1st full album "Mirai heno Spiral" on May 8th announced the event artists for the national tour in 12 locations except for Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya for which they will be having solo shows.

For the events, bands they have co-stared numerous times in the past like DIRTY OLD MEN, KEYTALK, ircle, HaKU, GOOD ON THE REEL, Kinokoteikoku and QUATTRO were announced. Moreover, sworn friends arukara, Northern19 and the band most co-stared with, KANA-BOON were announced as well.

The tickets were the announced event performances will be released on June 9th, and normal tickets for the one man performance will go on sale on August 25th.

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