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[nexus News]CreepHyp Releases Details of Their Second Major Album

CreepHyp is about to release their second major album, "Fuki Koboreru Hodo no I,ai,ai" on 7/24. Up until recently, the only details that were available on the new work were the release date and title; however, more details have finally been announced.

Like before, this album will also be made available in both a regular as well as a limited first pressing version that will include a DVD. One bonus track that will only be available on the limited first pressing version is "Jibun no Koto Bakari de Nasakenaku Naruyo". This track is a simple track with style, composed with Sekaikan Ozaki's acoustic guitar and vocals along with Kaonashi Hasegawa's violin, and is a must-have for fans.

The DVD that is included with the limited edition has a recording of all three music videos for the tracks. In addition to the three music videos, there is footage that is to be connected to a future collaboration series with Director Daigo Matsui later on, however the details of this collaboration are yet to be revealed, so be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming news.

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