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Most Aired J-Pop is Salley's Debut Single 'Akai Kutsu'

Salley's debut single "Akai Kutsu" topped in May issue of "National Radio on Air Chart" published on June 9th. This chart counts all the air times on major radio stations, and this means the song is the most frequently played J-Pop song on the radio in May.

Also, even on other rankings that add CD sales and other elements to the air-time, the song topped on major radio stations. On NAGOYA ZIP FM, where they have their own regular radio show "Salley no FLOWER FRIDAY" , the song topped for 2 consecutive weeks. And on Hokkaido FM NORTH WAVE "TOP40" ranked their song on the top as well. It's been a local radio station hit ,including 5th in "TOKIO HOT 100" .

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