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[Kawaii girl Japan]Shoko Nakagawa releases shocking picture of 'mummy with black ribbon' on the web

Shoko Nakagawa better known as "shokotan" released a new single "Zoku Konton" on June 5th. Part of the 27 page luxurious booklet photographs were revealed on the web.

- Shoko Nakagawa Photographs

This luxurious booklet with shocking pictures of shokotan' s "mummy with black ribbon" has made a splash since the ban was removed. Above all, a picture of her lying down in the same angle to the jacket picture with further untied ribbon and a back shot with a ribbon tied on her back has an extreme impact.

"I'm level 28 (28 years old). I wanted express matured sexiness." says shokotan. The popular Shoko Nakagawa "Zoku Konton" with many shocking pictures are now on sale. The booklet is enclosed with many more glamorous pictures. It is receiving much attention not only from the fans and shall be permanently preserved.

Shokotan will be having live performances in Hong Kong in July and tour in Japan from September. Make sure you check out both the "mummy with ribbon" shokotan's "Zoku Konton" and her upcoming performances.

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