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Kumi Koda Shows Off Beautiful Body on Single 'Summer Trip'

KODA KUMI will be releasing a new single "Summer Trip" on July 31.

- KODA KUMI "Summer Trip" Pictures

The music video and jacket were shot in LA with the concept of "enthusiasm" , "spaciousness" , "energetic" and "forefront" .

Malibu beach was chosen for the shoot many beaches. Koda showed off her beautiful supple body in front of the beach, the word "summer" certainly fits the completed image. Even though the wind was very strong on the day of the shooting and it was very cold, Koda’s professionalism shined and you can't tell at all from the photos.

For the music video, Fatima Robinson who has worked on Fergie and BLACK EYED PEAS joined as the director. "LALALALALA" music video was also shot on Venice beach, a beach town where various cultures coexist to express the energy the lyrics carry. The theme is, everything gathers under the hot sun, in a town where people glorify the best days of their life and the cultures and the power the lyrics carry coexist.

This piece will include new songs "LALALALALA" , "IS THIS TRAP?" AND "TOUCH DOWN" .

- KODA KUMI Official Site

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