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[Kawaii girl Japan/Event Report] 3000 BABYMETAL Gather for Free Performance at Diver City

Metal dance unit BABYMETAL who formed with the theme "Fusion of Metal and Idol" is receiving so much attention it is creating a controversy between the music fans not only domestically but internationally on the video site. They had a free live performance at festival plaza special stage at Diver City Tokyo Plaza on June 23.

- BABYMETAL Diver City free live performance Pictures

Three thousand fans gathered to watch the live performance of a group that is getting all the attention.

At the mini live performance, "Catch me if you can" , "Ijime, Dame, Zettai" and a new song "Megitsune" was performed.

The new song "Megitsune" has a performance where YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL yell "Sore! Sore!" inciting the audience and the fans answer chiming in "Sore sore sore sore!" . The call and response is just the festival like uprush.

This summer they will be performing at various large outdoor rock festivals. What will be the next divine message from "Kitsune sama (Fox)" that is considered to decide all their activities.


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