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[Kawaii girl Japan / Event Report] ClariS’ 2nd Album Release, Commemoration Event Makes 25,000 People Go Wild In “Real Life” & “Online”

The high school girls’ group, “ClariS”, who has been receiving wide recognition in the anime world, held a commemoration event for the release of their 2nd album, “SECOND STORY”, at Roppongi nicofarre, on June 24.

◆<2nd Album “SECOND STORY” Unveiling Party> Picture

Three Hundred lucky applicants who won the draw attended the event that day, which created so much excitement that filled the place from even before the show began.

At exactly 8PM, an announcement was made by ClariS which put the show in motion. As the anison DJ, “DJ Kazu”, stepped onto the stage, he began playing ClariS’ song. The hall shook as the fans held blue and red Cyalume in their hands and cheered with joy.

The last 30 minutes of the event was the “ClariS ‘SECOND STORY’ MEGA MIX section”. During this section DJ Kazu played all songs from “SECOND STORY” as a MEGA MIX, providing an special chance for the audience to get to hear all songs from the album even before its release.

In order to accommodate the overwhelming number of applicants who wanted to attend the event, the event was confirmed at the last minute to be broadcasted on niconico LIVE. Despite it being just an hour-long live broadcast, more than 25,000 people visited. ClariS themselves participated in the event by sending in comments with their thoughts on the album and questions towards the fans.

“#ClariS” rose to 1st place in the trend hash tag, real time ranking along with the program hitting 1st place in the live program, real time ranking. All this went to show the great amount of attention ClariS and the 2nd album, “SECOND STORY”, is receiving.

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