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Erina Mano Chosen For “VANQUISH VENUS” Vol.7

It has been confirmed that Erina Mano has been chosen as the collaboration artist for fashion brand, “VANQUISH’S” collaboration project, “VANQUISH VENUS” vol.7.

◆Erina Mano “VANQUISH VENUS” Picture

A visual of Mano dressed in men’s wear will appear on the six-sided screen placed at the following VANQUISH company stores: VANQUISH Shibuya 109 MEN’S store, VANQUISH the Corner Shizuoka 109 store, VANQUISH Ikebukuro P’PARCO store and VANQUISH Kanazawa FORUS store.

Furthermore, beginning July 1st, all purchasers of merchandises at either the company stores or the official online store will receive a “LOOKBOOK” featuring a dialogue between Mano and VANQUISH’s director Ryo Ishikawa as bonus.

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